Good use of small spaces

Do you feel a little cramped in your small apartment or house?  Do you feel you need more space?  Maybe you just need some of these cool ideas to get your space to work for you

In case you haven’t seen this…  here’s a guy who really knows how to use a small space:

So you’re not ready for that – I mean who wants to move the TV wall each time they want a cold drink from the kitchen that’s behind it?  And who wants to sleep on top of the bathtub when they visit you?  However, this reminded me of a studio course I took at RPI on mobile housing which explored a lot of these types of techniques. Most of the concepts are modifications on luxury RV’s or private yachts which have fold-outs, flip downs, and the like throughout them.  So I started back down the path of looking at cool uses for small spaces and seeing what I could find. Here are a few…

Easy tile backer board

Wedi Board
Product Photo

Custom Tile Shower
Photo from Design on the Square, LLC

So, as usual, I have found a product based on a contractor’s recommendation. This time it’s for custom tile showers – a product called Wedi Board which is an insulated interior sheathing for use behind tile in bathrooms – including in showers. In fact, they make pre-sloped water proof shower bases ready for tiling. They also make specialty pieces for their system like 4 high curbs, shower benches, and wall niches. I actually just saw them use this on the HGTV show “Holmes on Homes” (one of my new favorite shows) and it reminded me of it.

Their website is a beast to navigate, so just download the huge pdf brochure and browse through it.

Tired of Tyvek?

Photo taken from Zip-System website

Tired of Tyvek?  Here’s a product that is being used on a North Jersey residential project of mine…  Zip-System exterior wall and roof sheathing.

It claims to do double duty as sheathing and moisture barrier and withstand the weather (within limits) for 3 months!  It sure looks nicer than plywood and house wrap on a project for weeks while you wait on siding/masonry to be installed.

I’ll be sure to provide additional thoughts as this project progresses.