Kitchen [gadget] design

Sometimes good design isn’t architectural. Here are some examples of typical items that have been improved upon:

sleek design for those who rely on the smoke detector to know when the bacon is done
I need this yesterday
If you don't want your buddy's dirty hands on your slice as he tears them apart...
This looks good, but it would be so much better with Chocolate Chip cookies!

Kitchen Organization – for cheap

How many of you moved into your house, threw your pots and pans, silverware, and dishes into whichever cabinet was nearest, and have kept them there since?  I have had reorganizing my kitchen on the “to-do” list for almost three years. With a new baby on the way, I started to realize there was just no way we could get another kid’s worth of food/formula/etc into the kitchen without it exploding!  So it was time to do SOMETHING… Continue reading

Ikea – Oh how I love thee

For those of you who have been to my home, you know the kitchen was remodeled prior to us moving in and that all I’ve had to do so far was add accessories (ice maker, garbage disposal, handles on the cabinets). Oh, and paint over the old ugly green walls. And replace two windows over the sink. And put in new blinds. That’s it, really. Even with all this work, it was nice, but I wasn’t really enthralled with it. The granite counters and slate floor are nice, but it didn’t function the way I needed it to and I never had enough storage. So I decided I needed a floor to ceiling pantry along the back wall!

Continue reading