Cree LED and Ecosmart LED

So after trying one brand of LED replacement bulbs, I’ve now gathered a pile of replacement replacement LED bulbs.


This round I chose CREE 60w equivalent 2700K (warm white) bulbs for the living room and Ecosmart 40w equivalent 2700K bulbs for the dining room.

First, brightness is great – not as bright as the Philips, but I think some of that is perception from the switch from 5000k back to 2700K.

Second, energy savings- these are 9.3w each, so even less than the others. The price was $5 per bulb, so I saved money on initial cost and was able to get a couple extra and still have store credit.

Finally, dimming – the CREE bulbs went into the ceiling fan and when dimmed, they buzz, just like the Philips ones did, so no dimming in the living room for me. At this point, I don’t even want to put the dimmer back into the dining room for fear that I’ll get buzzing there too and want to go back to on/off.

So there we have it. I’m happy enough with these lights that they will stay (for now), but LED makers have a major deficiency in the dimming department.

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